To be a pioneer in the advancement of pediatric medicine through clinical research



To improve the lives of children by advancing evidence-based knowledge in pediatric care


Coastal Children's is a leader in clinical research that is improving outcomes in the tiniest patients.  We are constantly striving to push the scientific boundaries to achieve success and contribute to significant improvements in care for neonates and children with chronic illnesses.


A key element to the success of the CCS research department is our deeply ingrained culture of collaboration. Our partnership with New Hanover Regional Medical Center makes it possible to create innovative strategies that will improve the overall health of these tiny, fragile patients.


Coastal Children's Services partners with business, industry, public and private organizations and other academic institutions to accelerate our mission of improving pediatric health. These alliances are vital to our success and help to grow our research program.


Northshore University HealthSystem Research Institute


Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)


Pediatric Clinical Trials Network

Funding Source: NIH

Furosemide: Safety and Efficacy Drug Study

  • Study Launch: July 2016
  • Enrollment Goal: 10 (2 years)
  • Current enrollment: 0

SCAMP: Antibiotic Safety Study

  • Study Launch: February 2015
  • Enrollment Goal: 6 (2years)
  • Current enrollment: 9

Caffeine (Retrospective Chart Review) : Safety and Efficacy Drug Study

  • Study Launch: October 2015
  • Current enrollment: 100


Industry-Sponsored Studies

Draeger: High Frequency Ventilator Study

Funding Source: Draeger

  • Study Launch: January 2016
  • Enrollment Goal: 20 (2 years)
  • Current enrollment: 4

Merck: Type 2 Diabetes Drug Study

Funding Source: Merck

  • Study Launch: June 2016
  • Enrollment Goal: 2 (1 year)
  • Current enrollment: 1

Aerosurf 1401: Lucinactant for inhalation Study

Funding Source: Wind Tree Therapeutics, INC

  • Study Launch: July 2016
  • Enrollment Goal: 3-6 ( 1year)
  • Current enrollment: 0

Mead Johnson: Economic Study comparing growth of infants receiving liquid vs. powdered human milk fortifier

Funding Source: Meade Johnson

  • Study Launch: October 2014
  • Completed January 2016




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