Our annual conferences and lecture series offer opportunities to expand your knowledge with the most advanced, accurate and evidence based knowledge in a variety of specialties in the area of neonatal, pediatric and palliative care.


Our conferences are held three times a year in Wilmington, North Carolina at the Betty H. Cameron Women and Children’s Hospital. The meetings provide an excellent opportunity to further your education and collaborate with other neonatal and pediatric professionals. Our keynote speakers come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds all across the country.


Neonatal McArtor Symposium

The Annual McArtor Symposium presents neonatal care professionals with the opportunity to expand their knowledge by providing diversified topics and presentations.


Each year, our theme captures important components of your efforts to offer the best possible care to your tiny patients and their families. Advance your knowledge and refine your skills, as you seek to grow professionally and improve the quality of the care you deliver.



Pediatric Compassionate Care Conference

The Annual Pediatric Compassionate Care Conference (formerly known as the Palliative Care Conference) is designed for all health care providers who support a family whose child has been diagnosed with needs that include palliative and supportive care.


Supporting families who receive a diagnosis of a baby’s life-threatening condition is a critical role doctors, nurses and caregivers provide and many parents find great comfort in this support.



Pediatric/Neonatal Nutrition Conference

The Annual Southeastern Pediatric/Neonatal Nutrition Conference is designed to provide the most accurate, advanced and evidence-based knowledge regarding issues in pediatric and neonatal nutrition.


This is an opportunity to advance your knowledge and  refine your skills, as you seek to grow professionally and improve the quality  of the care you deliver.



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